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Advice for Submitting to This Site

Before requesting a site listing on ‘Anointed Christian Links’ it is worthwhile to check out existing listings and see what type of sites are listed, and what descriptions are used.

While I prefer to use a site description supplied by the submitter, in many cases they are either much too long, are too short (giving no real information) or they are ‘generic’. If I have to write a site description it may not empasize points which you think are important and it probably won’t be as long as the one you write.

‘Generic’ Listings

While you may describe your site as being “dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ”, we would assume that all Christian sites would be! What is more important is to place yourself in the position of someone looking through the listing and see what information about a site might attract them.

What is the main thrust of your site? Are you offering teaching (maybe through devotionals or articles)? Are you offering a prayer chain? Maybe Christian inspired poetry or fiction? If you identify the purpose of your site then you can use that as the main aspect of your site description.

Is Your Location Important?

Surprisingly, very few church submissions include the physical location of the church. While this is not important for ministries except to state in what area the ministry is directed (India, television, etc), a physical church meets in a particular area so anyone looking at your website would want to know where you are located.

I recommend that church descriptions start with the words “from (city, state and country)” so readers can quickly ascertain if they might be interested in visitng your site, or your church. As a general rule I always expect State abbreviatons to be spelt out unless they are huge (NSW – Australia – is OK because the alternative is ‘New South Wales’ which is too long). US citizens might know where MO was, but how about overseas visitors? So much easier to just write “Missouri” and then everybody knows. Likewise it is important to mention the country where you are located.

Churches should also mention any affiliations (AoG, Catholic, etc) so that readers can quickly understand what type of church you have. If your church is not affiliated with any major group you can always use a general description: pentecostal; charismatic; etc.

Reading Instructions

I strongly suggest that people submitting to this and other resource sites, directories and search engines spend a few minutes to create a suitable description of their site. This can then be modified for specific sites. In my case I ask for: “A single-sentence description of the website in under 30 words...”

For example, this is the ‘standard’ description of the Anointed Christian Links site:

    “A strictly alphabetical list of some great Christian sites on the Net - all of which have been checked and reviewed. A ‘must’ bookmark for all Christians.”
The description can then be amended so that it becomes a ‘single sentence under 30 words’ which is suitable for the ACL site:
    “a strictly alphabetical list of some great Christian sites on the Net which have been checked and reviewed; a 'must' bookmark for all Christians”.
I suggest that you word your description so that it is between 25 and 30 words so that it is applicable for the most number of listings. This can then be slightly chaged

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